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Instructions on relaying information about expatriate Finns

Information about the address and personal circumstances of Finnish nationals residing abroad only stay up to date if they report any changes in such information to the authorities in Finland.

Notifications about changes (such as marriage, divorce, birth of children) are to be sent to the Jakobstad Unit of the Local Register Office of West Finland, PO box 26, FI-68601 Jakobstad, or to the local register office of the municipality of most recent residence or to the nearest Finnish Embassy or Consulate in the current country of residence.

Please send inquiries about changes in personal information to:


Change of address notifications can be found here: an electronic form that you an fill in or a form that you can print out.

Current information in the Population Information System expedites, for example, the issuance of Finnish passports.

Population Information System

The Finnish Population Information System is a national register that contains basic information about Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing permanently in Finland. The system also holds information about buildings, construction projects, dwellings, real estate and business premises.

Local register offices process the notifications from expatriate Finns and register the information in the Population Information System. The information in the system is used throughout Finnish society's information services and management, including in public administration, elections, taxation, judicial administration, research and statistics.

Many businesses can also gain access to the information for the purpose of market research and direct marketing for example, and to update their customer registers.