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Visiting the office  

You can find the contact information and opening hours of local register office units in the Contact information section of our website.

Online time reservation service 

The online register office allows you to reserve, cancel or modify reservations for services at the local register office.  The local register office services available via the reservation system vary by office.   

Time reservation system


You can pay at the local register office in cash, by bank card, or using a Visa, Visa-Electron or MasterCard payment card.


Other forms of service  

You can deal with many matters, such as ordering documents, online or by contacting the local register office by e-mail at their official e-mail address (see contact information), by post, or by telephone.

A fee may be charged for posting a document subject to a fee. If the customer requests the document to be delivered as cash on delivery, as a registered letter, or with certificate of service, the fee incurred by the delivery method is charged on top of any delivery fee.

E-services and forms  

E-services can be used to submit a notification of move, a request for an investigation of impediments to marriage, a notification of the change of a first name, as well as many other population register notifications. You can also check your personal details recorded in the system.

E-services and printable forms can be found at our sites Forms- section.

Some of the e-services require electronic authentication of the user to ensure security and reliability. If the e-service requires authentication, you will see the text “Requires authentication” on the page. Authentication is performed by using online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or a certificate card.

Online register office 

Finnish register offices has a online service for their e-services. With this service, customers can easily use register office services via a digital service channel.

Online register office


Service Point  

 Service point

Service Points are shared public administration customer service points maintained by municipalities, which are being tested in connection with the Asiakaspalvelu2014 project in five pilot municipalities: Mikkeli, Kiiminki in Oulu, Parainen, Pelkosenniemi and Saarijärvi.

At Service Points, you can take care of a number of matters that would otherwise require contacting several different authorities. Service Points always provide at least the services of Kela, the Police licence administration, the Tax Administration, the local register office, TE Offices, including Labour Force Service Centres, and the local municipality.

The services of the Service Points are complemented by remote services that provide access to the expert advice of an authority via an online connection.  Service Points also have customer terminals for independent use.

In Mikkeli and Parainen, the drop-in services of the local register office were transferred to Service Points on 23 September 2014, along with the start of piloting. Only marriage ceremonies and the registration of civil partnerships are subject to appointment and are conducted on the premises of the local register office (in Mikkeli, Raatihuoneenkatu 5, and in Parainen, Rantatie 30). In all other matters, drop-in services are available at Service Points. The service advisers at Service Points provide advice and guidance as needed.

The services of the Service Points are complemented by remote services that provide access to expert advice via an online connection. Service Points also provide customer terminals for self-service.

Further information on the local register services of the pilot municipalities: Mikkeli, Parainen, Saarijärvi, Kiiminki in Oulu and Pelkosenniemi


Citizen Services


Citizen services

Citizen Services provide public and other services centrally at a single location. Citizen Services include the reception and disclosure of documents, advice on the initiation and processing of matters, as well as support for the use of e-services. Contact information for Citizen Services can be found at -site.

Please check out what services your local Citizen Service is providing, as all of local Citizen Service offices may not have contractual cooperation with the Local Register Offices.


Remote service

Remote service


Remote services refer to services provided by the authorities via video conference equipment or workstation video conference software. Through Citizen Services, customers can access authorities located in another municipality via a video connection. This saves the customer the time and effort required for travel. All documents, including forms, are transferred electronically between the user and the authority.  A remote interpreter and another authority can also be included in the connection.

Remote services are provided by TE Offices, local register offices, Kela, legal aid, the Tax Administration and, to some extent, municipalities. The range of services varies by location, and municipal services are provided locally. The aim is to provide citizens, companies and organisations with a new, customer-oriented and cost-efficient service channel to all public administration sectors, including municipalities, government service providers, Kela, and other indirect government administration.

Further information on when and which authorities can be contacted via the remote service is available at remote service points. Remote service points

The Local Register Office of Eastern Finland is participating in the home use trial for remote services.  The home use of remote services refers to a remote service model in which the service channel is independent of place, meaning that the services offered as a remote service can be accessed via a video connection anywhere: from home, the office or on the move. The video connection not only provides visual contact with the other party, but also allows documents to be shared and handled together. An appointment for a video meeting is booked in advance by calling the Local Register Office of Eastern Finland. They will inform you whether the matter can be taken care of via remote service.

Public Service Info

Public service info

Do you need information on public services and assistance in using them?  The Public Service Info will direct you to the right service