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Notary Public

The notary public working in a local register office handles the notarisation of, amongst other things, signatures, copies of certificates and the authentication of curriculum vitae. In addition, he or she handles, amongst other things, protests of bills of exchange, the opening and closing of safe-deposit boxes as well as the monitoring of lotteries.

Duties of notary public

Notarisation of authenticity of a signature

In the notarisation of the authenticity of a signature, the signature in question must be witnessed by a notary public. You must have proper identification with you. In addition, an invitation extended to a citizen of a country of which an officially notarised invitation to Finland is required in order to travel here also must be signed in the presence of a notary public.

Notarisation of the authenticity of copies

A notary public can also notarise the authenticity of copies of documents. You must bring the original document with you to the local register office.

Other tasks

  • To purvey protestations to draft bills and cheque laws ipso jure.
  • To take on and record the explanations of juridical and financial relations and to provide third parties with copies of the minutes, unless the general regulations regarding the publication of documents dictate otherwise. 
  • To certify that an official or individual has the right to carry out a given official act, that someone is in a given official position, or that someone has a given official competence or is legally competent to represent someone else.
  • To act as a witness present at the opening or closing of a depository.
  • To oversee lotteries.